European Custom Facial - $75

Designed for your unique needs. Exfoliation, steam, mask, minimum extractions, repair serums, and balancing moisturizer and sunscreen. Includes a hand and shoulder massage for relaxation during your mask.

Deep Pore/Acne Treatment - $75

Results-oriented treatment that addresses your clogged pores and acne concerns. Includes extensive extractions, if needed, and deep pore cleansing. Blue Light Therapy or high frequency treatment to kill bacteria and encourage healthy skin.

Organic Facial - $75

No chemicals, dyes or unnatural fragrances. Pure organic ingredients. This is the perfect facial for those with sensitive skin or those who just prefer organic only ingredients on their skin.

Signature Custom Facial - $85

This facial includes everything in the European facial as well as a collagen eye treatment to address fine lines and wrinkles, plus a concentrated hand softening treatment.

No More Fuzzy Face and Facial - $105

Eliminate the fuzzy hair on the sides of your face (vellus hair), while the skin is exfoliated of dead cells. Ideal for those who are too sensitive for microdermabrasion. The Esthetician uses a special tool to hand-deliver results. Afterwards, makeup and skin care products apply more smoothly.

Metro Man Facial - $75

This treatment combines therapeutic relaxation with corrective skin care tailored especially for men’s skin care needs. Includes a shoulder and scalp massage.


Microdermabrasion/Custom Facial - $105

This treatment is a noninvasive exfoliation that rids the skin of dead skin cells that build up each month. Improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and light scarring from acne.

Microdermabrasion/Glycolic, Salicylic or Lactic Peel - $125

Our most popular treatment includes a microdermabrasion, express facial, and a light peel treatment. Addresses skin discoloration, uneven skin ton, rough skin texture, acne, light scars, and hyper-pigmentation.

Microdermabrasion/Jessner Peel - $175

This is a more aggressive peel (Jessner or TCA) and addresses all the same concerns as the light peels, but for those with more serious skin care concerns. Many clients will peel for a number of days. May not be suitable for all clients.

Specialty Facial Treatments

Anti-Aging LED Light Therapy Facial - $95

A super-charged, over the top, antioxidant treatment that is ideal for those dealing with elastin loss, dehydration, sun damage, and fine lines and wrinkles. This concentration of Vitamin C and a collagen mask will leave your skin plump, dewy, and glowing.

Light emitting diodes were first invented by NASA and were used to stimulate plant growth in space. LEDs have since been proven to aid in anti-aging, stimulate collagen production, kill bacteria to help with acne, and correct pigmentation and sun damage. This is non-invasive, non-painful, light therapy treatment that has a cumulative effect.  Includes a European Facial with a LED treatment.

Additional Pricing

LED Light Therapy only – $45

Series of Six LED only – $180 (Save $90)

** Add LED to ANY Facial – $25

Lunchtime Facelift - $95

This treatment uses microcurrent to tone and firm the muscles of the face and has been used for more than a century by physicians and alternative medicine practitioners to treat wounds, soft tissue and bone fractures. It is a gentle electrical stimulation that triggers the skin on a cellular level and mirrors the body’s own natural current.

Relaxing, non-invasive treatment that addresses the effects of aging from sagging jowls, cheeks and brows. Visible firming, contouring and lifting of sagging jowls, drooping brows and loose cheeks.

This lunchtime facelift is safe, effective, and a low cost treatment that counteracts environmental damage and the effects of aging. Includes a custom facial with high-powered serums penetrated into the skin through electroporation for a powerful and dramatic difference you can see after the first treatment. Results are cumulative so you won’t want to stop after the first treatment!

Additional Pricing

Series of 3 – $249

Series of 6 – $475

Don’t have time for a facial, but would really like the microcurrent treatments?

Microcurrent only – $45 (25 min. treatment)

Series of 6 Microcurrents only – $180 (25 min. treatment)

** Add Microcurrent to ANY Facial - $25

Best results for Lunchtime Facelift are seen when treatments are performed twice per week for six weeks and then maintained as needed.  Not everyone is a candidate for this treatment. Pacemakers, pregnancy, thrombosis, phlebitis, epilepsy, and cancer are all contraindicated for this service.