Spa Escape specializes in exclusive personal pampering where you will receive our undivided attention. Our goal is simply to make you happy and give you the most pampering spa experience you’ve had in a long time. We want you to feel comfortable asking questions, trying new treatments, and talking to us about any of your skincare concerns.

BunnyCrockettMeet Bunny

I can’t remember when I haven’t had an interest in skincare, technology for skin care and great products that actually deliver results! I’ve always studied and researched those interests through the years and even tried them out on myself.

However, I ended up taking a more traditional path early in life. After graduating with a Masters in Education, I went on to teaching school while raising a family and am still currently a Pinellas County teacher. After many years and changes, I never forgot about my interest in skincare so I went back to school and graduated with Honors from Loraine’s Academy in Florida, in Advanced Skin Care and Massage. Later I went on to obtain advanced training in Brazilian waxing. After working for several local spas, while continuing to teach, I decided to open Spa Escape in March 2014.

Spa Escape is a personal pampering setting. A client once told me that it’s such a perfect place for someone who has never gone to a spa before because they didn’t feel intimidated at all by the whole experience. They felt very comfortable asking about different treatments and products and even sampling them with me there-something that they weren’t comfortable doing at chains or larger spas. (That client is now a regular and has fallen in love with spa treatments!)

More experienced spa goers have stated that the attention to detail was quite impressive and that they loved the intimate atmosphere here and felt right at home staying for a glass of wine and chatting or just thumbing through the many books on wellness, aromatherapy, or skin care in the lobby.

When I hear these things, I know I am on the right track to what I want Spa Escape to be. I want your experience at Spa Escape to be just that-an escape to a place where you can talk, relax, and be pampered!

I’m always looking to make Spa Escape an even more pampering experience for you so if you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them when I see you!